View of the Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Paris



La Tour de France, also called L'Eiffelisque



In a glorious moment of affirmation, while shaping a new idea out of the wax model of an abandoned, gifted piece, I came to realize that there was still hope for my visuospatial skills. This effort led to a marble sculpture of an embracing couple.



Female torso






White tooth



Black tooth



Black cat



White cat






Small elephants



Great white elephants



Multicoloured elephant



High white elephant



High black elephant



Grand elephants I and II



Small high elefant I









Mulitcoloured erythrocytes



Powerful marble egg



Blue egg



Female bud






Surfacing humpback whale



Proud cock I



Proud cock II



Proud cock III



Jumping horse



Proud Pigeon I



Proud Pigeon II



Running Squirrel



Ironwork was realised by Jens Eichler,